Increase Your Clients' Trading Volumes and Lifetime Value

Use Our Services To Attract New Users, Improve Engagement, and Increase Lifetime Value

Integration to Your Platform/Website

Integration to Your Platform Website
Integration to Your Platform Website
A simple integration into your website.
We will get you up an running
in no time!

Take your relationship with your clients to the next level. Offer your traders attractive daily signals to increase their confidence in your platform and services.
Traders' Confidence = Higher Trading Volumes.

Email Signals

Email Signals
Email Signals
Expose Your Clients to New Trading
Opportunities to Increase Their
Trading Volumes.

Increase your clients' engagement with your brand. Send call-to-actions to your traders with potential trades to expose them to new trading opportunities.
Attractive Call-to-Actions = Higher Lifetime Value.

SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts
Email Signals
Reach Your Clients at Any Time,

Enhance your communication with your clients - Reach your clients at any time, everywhere.
New Communication Channel = Higher Engagement.

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